Nota Baloyi on why he now likes AKA’s new single Lemons (Lemonade)



Nota Baloyi has taken to his Twitter to reveal why he now likes AKA’s new single Lemons (Lemonade).

Cass revealed his new single and has had many of his fans talking.

However, Nota who wasn’t cool with the single ridiculed it when it first came out but seems he will be taking back his words.

NOTA labeled AKA and Nasty C as the worst collaboration at the same time stating that Lemons (Lemonade) is sour lime.

This #Lemons2Lemonade is sour limes… This is the worst collaboration since #YoureWelcome,” tweeted NOTA.

Baloyi then Twitter now stating that the reason why he is now vibing to Lemons Lemonade is because of the YouTuber, Mansa Manye who did the reaction to the song.

“I watched Mansa Manye’s reaction to #Lemons2Lemonade & now I like the song!”

In addition to saying that he now appreciates the song, NOTA continued by praising Nasty C’s verse and asserting that he is the one who saved it. 

“That Nasty C verse saved #Lemons2Lemonade well done Junior!” Tweeted NOTA. The music mogul has been a vocal critic of Nasty C while at the same time slamming the rapper’s American dream.

See tweet below:

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