Why you keep attracting men who will never make you happy



Do you feel unlucky in love? While it’s easy to blame a tumultuous love life on luck, curses, or even fate, the truth is it’s far more likely that you’re unknowingly doing things that are ruining your own chances of finding love.

Check out these mistakes that might be causing you attract the wrong men into your life.

1. You have limiting beliefs surrounding love

Limiting beliefs are those thoughts that pass through your mind which you believe to be true, and stop you from achieving your potential. When it comes to love, limiting beliefs can stop you from finding and maintaining the relationship of your dreams. For example, you might believe that marriage can only end in divorce because you grew up in a divorced household. So you subconsciously push away great guys, only letting in the wrong ones, because you don’t actually want to get married because you don’t want to get divorced.

2. You don’t have a high sense of self-worth

If you don’t think highly of yourself, it’s difficult to attract the right man for you. When you don’t have high self-esteem, you’re more likely to accept partners who don’t treat you properly, simply because you believe that’s all you deserve.

3. You have a low vibration

The Law of Attraction states that we attract all things and people into our lives with our vibrational energy. If you have a high vibration, created by positive thoughts and emotions, you’ll attract people that make you happy. So if you’re only attracting men that are making you unhappy, you could be vibrating at a low frequency. You can change your vibration by changing your thoughts and emotions.

4. You seek the familiar

Do you keep attracting the same kind of guy, over and over again? If you only ever seem to date a particular type, it could be because that pattern is familiar and therefore comforting to you. Even though this type of man might be making you unhappy, you continue to seek him out because he is familiar. For example, you might keep dating traditional guys who believe in strict gender roles because your father was like that, and these men, by extension, seem safe and familiar.

5. Your priorities are confused

It’s possible that you keep attracting the wrong type of man because you aren’t sure of your own priorities. Are you ready to settle down and have a family? Then it might be time to write off guys who are looking for “something casual” on dating apps.

6. You portray yourself as someone you’re not

If you pretend to be someone you’re not during the dating phase, it’s very difficult to attract the right person for you. Rather, you will continue to attract people who are good matches for the character you’ve created, but not for you.

7. You expect a partner to solve all your problems

Maybe the reason why you keep attracting men who can’t make you happy is that your expectations are too high. It’s okay to have high standards, but if you expect your partner to solve all your problems, you’ll always be disappointed. If you are fundamentally unhappy, a partner can’t miraculously make you happy; that’s work you have to do by yourself.

8. You fear being alone

When you fear being alone, you’re more likely to accept people into your life who don’t treat you properly. Rather than rejecting a person when they demonstrate red flags, you continue to see them because you think that’s better than being alone. And as a result, you end up unhappy.

9. You ignore red flags

Speaking of red flags, it’s important to look out for them and respond accordingly when you’re on the dating scene. If you ignore red flags because you’re a little too optimistic, you’re likely to end up with guys who disappoint you, rather than making you happy.