“They want to kill me,” Zodwa on family’s reaction to her ancestral calling


Zodwa Wabantu will be serving viewers details about her family life, ancestral calling, and life as a celebrity in the third season of her reality TV show Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored.

Speaking to TshishaLive about the show, the entertainer briefly talked about her family being against her ancestral calling, as they threatened to kill her.

“They want to kill me, it’s not even just talk. I have voice notes, everything you will see on my reality show where maybe there’s going to be a confrontation, or they keep running, and I have to play the audio from Whatsapp, and then I have to answer those voice notes,” she said.

Zodwa revealed that her son has grown and he is legible to talk, hence viewers will see him talk in the new season.

“My son is older. It’s time for him to speak out in public and he must do it while I’m alive, not when I’m no longer here. He must understand and answer to people who would be watching his every move. Some people, when you show them, at least it becomes better.”

“People can expect to see my son speaking about how he feels about being the child of Zodwa, who has been called names and whatever they say about me,” she added.


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