10 beach activities to enjoy in Cape Town



Cape Town is one of South Africa’s capital cities, and though a bustling urban area, it boasts amazing activities and stunning natural wonders.

One of the city’s popular attractions is Table Mountain, proud of its unique formation. It is part of a national park that’s famous for its fynbos areas.

Another favorite is the scenic Cape Point, part of the equally impressive Cape Peninsula. For more scenic moments, tourists also drive along Chapman’s Peak or hike Signal Hill.

The city also has heritage sites for tourists who want to learn about its culture. All that plus Cape Town’s beaches make a tour in this South African city one for the books.

Below are top 10 beach activities to enjoy in Cape Town

10. Enjoy the waters of St. James tidal pool

Cape Town has several tidal pools, but St James’s is probably the most popular. This natural pool is the perfect place to take a quick dip while enjoying the views of False Bay. This pool is so luxurious that it is a typical postcard design. Since it is protected from the wind, the St. James Tidal Pool is perfect for families with children. This Cape Town attraction has nice waters that await sunbathers and swimmers. However, why take a quick dip when tourists can stay here all day?

9. Bikes along the sea point promenade

The enjoyment of a beach day isn’t limited to just the sandy area, as in Cape Town, there is the Sea Point Promenade that encourages everyone to get active. It is an ideal place for tourists to meet locals as it is a popular amusement park. Those who want to work up a sweat can enjoy the stunning views while biking, jogging, skating or walking. What’s more, it is the best place to watch the sunset. Prom means business when it comes to delivering meaningful moments under the sun.

8. Atlantis dunes: An endless beach

For an endless “beach” adventure, tourists should head to the Atlantis Dunes. This is the best place for those who want to fill their adrenaline cup with sun and sand. More than 12 square miles of dunes await guests who want to try riding a 4×4 vehicle at this Cape Town playground. Some of the dunes can go up to 50 meters high, perfect for a thrilling sandboarding experience. Overlooking Table Mountain and the ocean, anyone riding or driving past the Atlantis Dunes is in for a treat.

7. Enjoy the peace at diaz beach

Diaz Beach is one of Cape Point’s most famous because of its seclusion. It is the ideal resting place for sun-worshippers who want to stay away from the crowds. Here, beach-goers will spend their day sunbathing in peace, reading a book or drinking some mimosa. A little effort will be required to reach the beach, but the short trek is well worth it. It may not be a place for swimmers due to its strong waves, but it is still perfect for those who want a quiet time near its waters.

6. Join a catamaran cruise

What’s the best way to enjoy the wonders of a coastal city? By a boat cruise, ie. Tourists who are eager to get away from the coast can join a catamaran tour. There are many options for this experience, from morning excursions to sunset cruises. Tourists should imagine it: as they move across the Atlantic Ocean, streaks of color in the sky guide them to the perfect viewing spot. As the cruise stops, the captain will offer wine, which is a perfect companion for passengers as they enjoy the setting sun.

5. Snorkeling with seals

Those looking to meet new friends should visit Hout Bay’s Duiker Island. It is famous for its resident Cape fur seals and sea birds. From the port, tourists will travel to the island for 40 minutes. Along the way, they’ll be inspired by views of the Gulf as they head toward the Atlantic. Whether guests join a photography excursion, sightseeing, or snorkeling trip, seals will always be there to welcome them. These cute critters are waiting for their new friends.

4. Picnic in oudekraal

A beach in Table Mountain National Park is perfect for a weekend picnic. Oudekraal is a sheltered bay, making it a charming place to spend a day with families and friends. The panoramic view of this destination attracts braai lovers. Unlike Diaz Beach, the water at Oudekraal is calm, so one will have a great time in this pocket of paradise. Plus, there’s a shipwreck nearby that’s perfect for Instagram moments. Whether sun-worshippers want a simple braai by the shore or snorkel, Oudekraal Beach is the place.

3. Hanging ten

Thanks to the Atlantic waters, Cape Town is also a place where ten hangings can be experienced throughout the day. Many surf shops are geared to provide not only gear but lessons for first-timers. When exposed to the roaring waves of the bay, even the unexperienced will be tempted to surf. Fortunately, there are many professional trainers in this field who will share the basics with them, as well as let them enjoy the views. Sand, surf and sun only in Cape Town.

2. Water biking near Cape Town

Tourists who want to experience a new way of sightseeing – or “sightseeing”, for that matter – are in for a treat as is water biking in Simon’s Town. The Cape Town resort has a worthy rival. From the pier, water bikers will venture out to sea, where they can best see the beach. Tourists don’t have to worry about getting lost as an expert guide will lead the way, taking them to places where they might be lucky enough to spot seals, birds and even whales . Biking has never been so good.

1. Paddling fun

Paddling is also big in Cape Town, especially for those not into surfing but still want to explore the ocean. Those who want to try stand-up paddleboarding can paddle along the Atlantic coastline. They can bring children as long as they are directed by the instructors. Kayakars are in for a treat too, as they can head to Boulder’s Beach to see a penguin colony. Apart from penguins, paddlers can also spot seals, dolphins and birds. Cape Town is really welcoming.

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