K.O appreciates AKA’s eulogy – ” My idol amongst idols”


AKA sings the praises of K.O loudly after talking about the positions of their songs, Sete and Lemons(Lemonade) on music charts.

Taking to social media, Kiernan Forbes congratulates Mr Cash Time as his single got certified platinum in less than a month.

“An absolute animal. A master of re-invention. My idol amongst idols. @mrcashtime … I’ve been chasing your level for over a decade now. Your stamina is breathtaking … congratulations,” AKA wrote.

K.O who was surprised by the eulogy also claimed AKA is his idol.

Hold up! Getting flowers from one of MY idols now that’s different. Kings knight kings. FYI you’re one of the reasons I can’t afford to slack big dawg! More love and light to you and yours. Tankie ndade,” The Sete hitmaker wrote.

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