DJ Maphorisa – SA music industry lacks Artist Management


DJ Maphorisa claims the South African music industry lacks Artist Management.

The DJ claims the lack of people who properly manages an artist in the industry is the downfall of SA music.

Phori is known to randomly come to Twitter to air his mind about music-related topics.

Maphorisa further said most artist managers are novices in their roles.

“In Sauta we missing artist management, that’s our downfall. I’m not talking about booking agent or booking manager “ARTIST MANAGEMENT”. Also, our A&R is lacking, what’s funny is that labels hire people who stay at home they don’t even go to groove. I mean how will u know wats popin in da streets,” he tweeted.

The tweet divided his fans, as some affirmed his claim while others adamantly stated that the SA music industry encapsulates lots of AM who are righteously performing their duty.

What do you think about DJ Maphorisa’s claim?

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