Busiswa breaks her silence on DStvDeliciousFestival




Busiswa has caused so much chaos following her rant over the DStvDeliciousFestival event that took place over the weekend.

The star is one of those who took to their social media to air their grievances at this horrific event.

Most attendees of the DStvDeliciousFestival event over the weekend have come forward to voice their disappointment for what transpired over the weekend at this event.

Busiwa is the latest  to come forward and called out the white production company that was in charge of organizing this event.

She blames the white production company for not priorities black creatives and audience at this event, as many of them have cried the same cry with the horrific happenings at the DStvDeliciousFestival event.

“It was probably a white production company that didn’t anticipate the impact of what happened. White production companies ruin many possibly nice experiences in SA. Many nice acts not on the main stage but an unknown Gforce occupying all that stage time? Abelungu stru” wrote Busiswa

See tweet below:

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