“I am feeling like myself,” Lira says after suffering from the effects of stroke


Lira says she’s feeling better though still recovering, six months after announcing suffering a stroke.

The SA singer revealed a few months ago that the stroke affected her speech, but she got detailed over the weekend as she explained that she struggled with Aphasia and Dysphasia.

The two disorders are caused by brain damage and stroke is the common cause of brain damage.

They affect the ability to communicate, read and write.

“Can you believe it’s been six months – How time flies. The second and third from is where I used to be at! I am feeling like myself, yet I’m still on my recovery journey. It’s going to take some time but it’s reversible,” she wrote.

“This process has been fascinating for me, and although it’s quite challenging sometimes, I’m still happy.”

In conclusion, Lira is excited and full of gratitude for being alive; she appreciates the gift of having loved ones around her.

she also appreciates those rooting for her.

Lira shared a recent photo of herself with fans on Instagram.

Check it out below:

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