The most common causes of acne breakout in men



Have you ever looked at your swollen red pimple and wondered why does it happen?

You load up on leafy greens and fruits, you don’t smoke, and your lifestyle is kind of clean.

So, what’s going wrong with your skin? In some cases, the answers could be extremely simple.

1. You Are Using Old Razors

If you keep experiencing breakouts after a shave, it’s time to take a good look at your razor. If it’s been used more than 4 times or if it’s gone beyond 4 weeks, bin your razor. Otherwise, it’s hello pimple! An old razor, especially the ones kept in your bathroom, can collect bacteria, yeast, and fungus from a moist surrounding. And when this comes in contact with your skin it results in a breakout. Another option is to try different blades that match your skin.

2. You Aren’t Washing Your Face Properly

Is your skincare just about washing your face? Skin experts recommended men need to wash their face twice a day, exfoliate at least once a week, and moisturize daily. Just washing your face doesn’t cut it. Clogged pores are one of the main reasons behind acne. This happens when you have a buildup of bacteria from dead skin cells. And the only way to tackle tough grit is to exfoliate. Men’s skin is oilier and thicker than women, a reason why you can’t put off exfoliation. But you don’t want to overdo it, or you risk irritating your skin.


3. Your Soap Might Be The Culprit

There’s a lot more to the humble soap than its cleansing properties. Most regular soaps are packed with harsh chemicals that strip your skin of its natural oils. This could result in the drying up of your skin and eventually lead the way to acne. We aren’t saying soap is harmful to your skin but if you do have sensitive skin, pick a body wash instead. If you want to continue using soap, choose something that’s mild. Make sure you are the only person to use your soap. You don’t want it to collect bacteria by sharing with everyone else in the house.

4. You Might Be Using The Wrong Products

Do you read the ingredient list before buying skincare products? Sometimes your acne could be a result of an ingredient that doesn’t suit your skin. In some cases, the irritant is a fragrance. Skin experts recommend using fragrance-free products on your face and skin to avoid any irritation. While you’re at it, watch out for alcohol or dyes in the ingredient list as well. It also helps to know your skin type and pick a product accordingly. Find out if it’s dry, oily, or a combination type.1 A safer option is to research a bit before you add the products to your cart. Remember, any ingredient that isn’t right for your skin could spell a breakout.

5. Your Hair Products Might Be Dripping Down

If it isn’t your skincare product that’s causing a breakout, sometimes you need to look at your hair products. If you sweat a lot, there is an increased chance that all that hair gel and cream can drip down from your hair and seep into your skin. Hair products aren’t friendly on the skin. Most of them contain compounds that can easily cause inflammation and acne. If that’s the case, look for hair products that are “non-comedogenic”.

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