Andile Mpisane falls during warm-up with Royal AM team (Video)


Andile Mpisane falls on the football pitch while warming up with the ball before leading his team, Royal AM to win against Kaizer Chiefs.

On Sunday, Andile who is the chairman of the football team trended on Twitter as people reacted to how he played with his team for some minutes without his legs touching the ball; people also talked about how he emerged as captain of the team without stress.

While mzansi struggled with the thoughts that Andile doesn’t deserve to be a footballer, another video of him surfaced on social media.

In the video, the entertainer fell while trying to pull a football stunt.

Since Andile is the son of the wealthy businesswoman, Shauwn Mkhize, people echo the claim that Andile bought the positions he’s occupied, including being a footballer.

However, a Twitter user slammed those trolling and mocking him.

Let Andile Mpisane be. The mother invested in a soccer team because her son loves it. Let the boy “eat” soft however he wants. His mother made sure. Be inspired and make sure your kids enjoy such soft life so that they won’t complain like you do now. Baloyi,” the tweep wrote.

Watch the video and other reactions below:

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