5 types of dating trends in 2022



Dating has gone through so many phases up to where we are now.

As humans we naturally evolve as our environments and attitudes change, and that explains why relationships are also changing.

Currently in 2022, relationships are being shaped by major events like the pandemic, politics, gender wars, modern feminism and other factors that have the power to transform how we relate with each other.

Some of these changes are good, some bad, but either way, we have to adapt. Due to the changes that continue to happen, new dating trends have come up.

To catch up on what’s in, here are five trends that are popular right now.

1. Consciously single

Decades ago, it was strange to be unmarried past a certain age. It was normal to marry as early as 19, but now, that is not happening as much as it used to.

These days, being single is seen a sign of self-love and empowerment. Instead of looking at singlehood as a curse, people are taking time to love and date themselves first, so that they can have a clear mind of what they deserve if they decide to date or ever get married.

2. Dry dating

People still like to meet up for first dates at a bar or any spot where there are drinks involved. Drinking often helps people loosen up and have fun while meeting someone for the first time.

However, the Gen Z generation doesn’t think that it’s a wise idea to drink on a date because it doesn’t show you are intentional. Dry dating is now popular and it’s about having clean fun and booze-free dates.

3. Snow-globing

If you are a fan of Christmas, you know how enchanting it is with all the love and joy in the air. This season is beautiful but, that’s the complete opposite of what this dating trend is.

In snow-globing, the love will be hot during Christmas but once the season is over, it gradually dies. Someone who is snow-globing will either get caught up with the joy of December or the loneliness of not having someone to celebrate with.

Eventually, the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ will cause them to hold on to anyone that can give them a sense of love and belonging, and that might be you if you’re not aware of what’s happening.

4. Exploratory dating

In 2022, people are challenging their perspectives on the kind of partners they choose. There is an excitement about being open to different people and this is causing them to try out different relationships.

People are exploring ideas like polygamy, interracial dating, same-sex dating and basically trying out relationships with people they would have never thought about before.

5. Therapy dating

Mental health has become a big topic in the past couple of years. And in a way, it’s actually trendy to bring it up online or in everyday interactions.

Right now, singles are choosing to date those who have gone for or are currently in therapy because mental health problems can lead to toxic relationships. And if we can make an educated prediction, this trend will continue growing in the coming years.

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