Nasty C in Las Vegas for the first time (Video)


Nasty C exudes excitement after visiting Las Vegas for the first time.

The rapper shared a video detailing his swell moments alone and with friends; he also shared some of the beautiful things he spotted.

The SA star has been traveling, feeding his eyes and soul – for work and pleasure.

As seen in the video shared, you could easily tell that he had a great time.


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Nasty C explicitly stated his goal recently, on wanting to collaborate with more international artists, as he’s a star in South Africa, but regarded as an upcoming in the US and other international countries.

“I am big in SA but just getting to be known in LA. I will be here till the 4th of October and let’s do this together. I asked my label to recommend artists who are up and coming but they are taking too long and so I wanted to do it like this and I hope this video reaches out to dope artists,” he wrote.

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