George Avakian shares images from the night Cassper and AKA started their beefs




George Avakian has recently shared photos from the night AKA and Cassper started their beef.

The two rappers have been going head to head and they have shared their different accounts on where they are with their relationship and what started the never-ending beef.

Taking to Twitter, Goerge who is a close ally to both rappers shared images from when the beef between AKA and Cassper started.

In the post shared, it was seen that the two rappers were in the same studio making music together.

However, George give more insight about what happened that day.

In the tweet, praised all the artists in the images for their contribution to SA hip hop.

“Can’t believe This photo exists. This was the night in my studio where the Cassper and Aka beef started  shout out to Kev  Both these guys are so important for our industry, I look at these pics and just think how much these guys have done and gone through since then.” He wrote.

See post below:






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