Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya reacts to people who question her virginity


Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya slams those questioning her virginity.

“Is she still itshitshi, or isn’t she?” people ask.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the star says it’s an inappropriate question, but her family members are the only ones who deserve to know the status of her virginity.

“I wear my clothes exactly the way I want to, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to know whether I’m still a virgin or not … As far as I’m concerned it’s an inappropriate question.”

“Some people think the way I present myself gives them the right to voice their opinion. But I’m not bothered.”

“Unfortunately I’ve never heard people asking a proud Zulu man if he is a virgin,” she said

Nelisiwe spoke on why she didn’t attend this year’s Reed Dance Festival, which is meant for virgins

“I didn’t attend the dance due to personal reasons.”

“A virgin dresses a certain way. She hides nothing. A non-virgin normally hides private parts including boobs. And a married woman also wears clothes in a certain way,” she said.

“Unfortunately we are living in times where everyone brags about their constitutional rights rather than looking at what culture or tradition tells us.”


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