“Buyed?” Makhadzi reacts after fans corrected her “poor” English


Makhadzi gets schooled by social media users after using the wrong tense for the English word, “buy”.

The musician shared a tweet where she thanked people for buying her One Woman show tickets, but she said “buyed” instead of “bought”.

“All thanks to everyone who buyed my tickets for my one woman show. At makhauvha stadium this Saturday,” she wrote.

While a few were intentional about correcting her, others joked about the blunder.

Makhadzi reacted to the corrections, by appreciating fans who corrected her, but she went on to use the term “buyed” again after being corrected, which amazed some people who think the singer has familiarised herself with the wrong tense of “buy”.

“I heard that guys, it’s not buyed, it’s bought. Thank you for correcting me. It’s not buyed, it’s bought. So, thank you for buying my ticket, whoever who buyed my ticket must come through on Saturday…”

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