5 important questions you should ask a new nanny



People who are blessed to find a good nanny retain them for a long time.

They become a part of their family and by the time they’re ready to leave or retire, it becomes a challenge to find a suitable replacement.

For sure, getting the perfect nanny is a long and tedious process considering there are so many horrifying stories of how some of them have behaved.

Plus, it’s not easy just bringing a stranger into your home around your family.

To help you make the right decision, you need to ask the right questions during the interview process.

Here are five essential ones you should have on your list.

1. Do you have your original ID?

You should never hire a nanny who doesn’t have their biodata documents ready, especially their National Identity Card. It’s risky to skip this detail or rely on the information they’ve told you because you could be inviting some trouble with the law.

Their ID will give you accurate information like their age so you can be a hundred percent sure you’re not hiring a minor which is an offense. They should also have ID photocopies and contacts of their next of kin so you can know who to reach in case of anything.

2. Do you have any work experience?

Work experience is the most important detail for anyone looking to be hired. This gives an employer details about a person’s skill set, work ethic, and other important details that will let you know how your experience might be when you hire them.

This will also help you know if they’re the most suitable candidate for your particular needs. If you have kids under two and they’ve only had experience with school-going kids, you will gauge how capable they are of handling that.

3. Why did you leave your last job?

It’s also important to find out why their last contract ended and whether there are any red flags you need to note.

Some nannies were fired for unprofessional conduct and there are others who even had to disappear due to pending court cases. Such people can put your family at risk so you need to know every detail.

If they give a reasonable reason, then you can be more comfortable hiring them.

4. Are you married?

A nanny’s marital status can also tell you what to expect. If she’s married with kids, she will probably need to take breaks more often as compared to one who might not have as many commitments.

Once you confirm this, you will be able to understand their needs better and whether that arrangement can work for you.

5. Have you ever experienced an emergency at work?

Nannies spend the majority of their time in the house when everyone else has gone to work or school. And you need someone who can act fast in case an emergency like a fire, for example.

By asking this question, you can determine whether they’re capable of handling an emergency based on their experience.

And if they haven’t, you can try and train them or take them for basic first aid and safety training so they can be more prepared.