7 things you may add while cooking rice to make it tasty and healthy



Rice is a staple enjoyed in every household.

While we mostly make steamed rice at home, it gets monotonous and boring to eat the same preparation.

If you can relate to this, we’ve got some easy and healthy kitchen hacks that will help you make your rice preparation healthier and tastier.

Are you ready? Scroll down and find out.

1. Vegetable stock

Stop throwing the vegetable peels and make a healthy stock with them. You can use this stock to cook rice and even emulsify curry dishes. Adding vegetable stock to rice preparations and other dishes enhances their nutritional value. Try it!

2. ​Curry leaves masala

Make a spice powder with dried curry leaves, pigeon peas, black pepper, salt, dried red chilli, coriander seeds, dry mango powder, and cumin seeds. Sautés this spice powder in ghee and then cook rice in it. The aromatic rice preparation is healthy and flavourful as well.

3. ​Lemon juice

If you feel your rice preparation is too bland, add some lemon juice to it while cooking. This will add a hint of tanginess; make the rice beautifully white and the rice will not stick to each other.

​4. Garam masala

Simple sauté some garam masala in oil or ghee, add salt and then cook rice in it.

5. Green peas and corn

Whether you’re cooking rice or using leftover rice, you can always make it colourful and healthy with green peas and corn kernels during this season. They not only enhance the nutritional value of the dish but also make the rice preparation look eye-pleasing.

​6. Sugar and spices

If you don’t have brown rice and still wish to make your rice look fancier and tasty, then add some oil or ghee to the cooking pan, then add some sugar crystals and spices like star anise, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. Let sugar crystals melt and once the aroma of spices spreads, add the washed and soaked rice. You will see the final dish will have a brown tint when you cook it all together.

7. ​Onion and garlic

If you are bored of eating regular steamed rice, then add some burnt or caramelized onion and garlic to it and this will instantly enhance the flavour of rice. You may sprinkle some salt and pepper to spice up the flavour. This rice preparation can be served with any curry.

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