“Treat your losses as lessons” – Priddy Ugly opens up after losing his boxing match to Cassper




Priddy Ugly has finally opened up after he lost his boxing match to Cassper Nyovest.

The two faced each other at the boxing match, Celeb City 2 which was held in Pretoria on Saturday night, the 1st of October.

A few minutes into the fight, Mufasa landed heavy punches on the face and body of his opponent which gained him the highly-anticipated win.

Taking to Twitter, Priddy reacted to the fight stating he has never been knocked down before as he gave kudos to Cassper.

“What an experience! Never been knocked down before, so I have gotta give it to @casspernyovest- you definitely worked hard & earned your victory, well done champ! Boxing is exciting, entertaining, takes real guts, heart & discipline. Let’s continue supporting the sport!”

“Treat your losses as lessons. The thing about being public figures is that your wins, but mostly your losses are displayed for the world to see. With odds stacked against us, last night we fell, but the bounce back is where the character is built. Looking forward to the rise!”

The rapper who seems unsatisfied with the result of the match gave his takeaways from it.

Priddy tweeted: “My takeaways from the fight are : 1. You get in the ring, & the game plan goes out the window – maybe from adrenaline rush & the atmosphere in the arena, I don’t know. 2. I never used my jab adequately, kept my distance or created space between us. I didn’t move efficiently. 3. Kept way too low & didn’t have my guard up right – Exposed the flaws in my defense. 4. I never paced the fight, maybe I was too excited. 5. Never mind the weight difference, my opponent had more experience & was better prepared. It was a clean victory for him, S/O!”

“As confidently as your take your wins, accept your L’s in the same manner, they are yours to keep, own them, learn from them & better yourself. The noise will be there, but ultimately it’s really about self. Pick yourself up, dust your shoulders & work harder – for you, not them”

Priddy went on to thank those who supported him.

The support has been overwhelming & I appreciate & love y’all for that. I got some good rest, feeling energised & blessed. Looking forward to Sunday Kos & being with my family & daughter. Haven’t doobie’d up in months, excited to have a fat one. We back in the gym tomorrow






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