7 key questions to ask when spring cleaning your relationships



There is something so refreshing about spring, a season where people want to declutter and have a fresh start.

The need for newness applies to decluttering all areas of your life, from your home space, wardrobe and, of course, relationships.

Relationship expert Paula Quinsee says spring cleaning in the context of relationships means looking at what’s not working, what is valuable and what has passed the sell-by date in your interactions and relations with certain people.

“Some relationships are for a season, a reason or a lifetime, and this can apply to personal or professional relationships.

When last did you sit down and take stock of the relationships in your life, the role they play and the quality of the relationship?

Do these relationships add value (i.e. they are uplifting, supportive, encouraging and motivating), or are they detracting value (i.e. full of drama, negativity, toxic and energy draining)?”

Here are 7 questions to ask when spring cleaning your relationships:

  1. How do I feel about this person/relationship – positive or negative?
  2. How do I feel after spending time with this person – lifted or drained?
  3. Do I feel I can trust this person – rely on, depend, confide?
  4. Do I feel I am supported in this relationship – emotionally, heard, accepted?
  5. Do I feel I can be myself when I am with this person?
  6. How do I contribute to this relationship – what value do I add?
  7. Is there anything I would like to change about this relationship?

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