AKA loses R10K after Man City beats Man U with 6 -3


AKA loses R10 000 after his football club, Manchester United lost to Manchester City on Sunday, 2nd of October, at the Etihad stadium.

The South African rapper is a huge fan of the football club and he’s expressed his love in diverse ways, one of which is the Man-U tattoo he has on his arm.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Kiernan Forbes flaunted the bet he made; he bragged about gaining R50k extra at the end of the match, as he was hopeful the match will favor him.

Minutes later, the football match concluded at 6 – 3.

AKA was pained at the loss which he didn’t see coming; he took to Twitter to express his heartbreak, knowing that he’s lost a whopping R10k.

However, he moved on almost immediately, as he shared a lovely photo of himself and his family (Nadia Nakai, Kairo Forbes, Lynn Forbes) rocking the Man U jersey.

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