5 benefits of dating a short guy that no one ever told you



When it comes to dating, a man under a certain height is somehow a big turn off for many women.

Some find short men less attractive or masculine and many others have grown up believing the stereotype that a male partner should be taller than the female.

If you too prefer dating a guy who is taller than you, here are a few points that might make you change your perspective…

1. He knows how to carry himself!

A man who is confident and happy to date a taller woman has a few interesting personality traits. There is a high probability that he is not insecure in the relationship. He knows how to carry himself (and his height) well and does not see ‘height’ as a parameter to judge someone. Further, he might be quite open-minded and does not believe in archaic tradition of only dating the women who is shorter than him in height.

2. The matters of infidelity

It seems shorter men make more faithful partners. As per a survey done by Ashley Madison (a dating site for married people), taller men are twice more likely to cheat than the ones whose height is less than 5 feet 10 inches.

3. Oh, the lovemaking session

Needless to say, you don’t have to strain your neck whenever you want to hug or kiss your partner. The eye-contact is more intense and going by a research published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, short men have more sex than taller ones!

4. Their commitment levels!

A study done by New York University says that taller men get married earlier than the shorter ones. But, here’s something interesting. The shorter men are less likely to get divorced and have more long-lasting marriages!

5. Oh, no heels!

Let’s not forget dating a shorter guy means you can hang out with him wearing flats and ditch those painful heels whenever you feel like. Your calf muscles and toes would be forever thankful to you for dating a short guy!

6, Don’t be so rigid!

Well, there is much more to a person than just his ‘height’ and you are only limiting your own options by filtering out short guys for no good. Sit back and give it a serious thought: what exactly makes tall men attractive to you? Also imagine how would you feel if a tall man rejects you for not being taller than him? Is height is your preference or something that society has taught you?

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