Kagiso Modupe – “I used my private parts to become a millionaire”


Kagiso Modupe opens up on how he became a millionaire using his private part.

“It’s funny… I used my private parts to become a millionaire,” the actor and film director revealed to podcaster Kagiso Moahlodi.

Speaking more about what happened, the former Scandal! actor and House of Zwide director said he’s been married to his wife for 12 years without being circumcised, which led him to start a campaign for every man to get circumcised.

Kagiso approached Brothers For Life and Right to Care to start a public circumcision campaign.

He started promoting the campaign on social media platforms, as he’s to receive R1 for every man who gets circumcised.

Through this campaign, he made his first million as he was able to persuade 1.1 million South African men to circumcise in just one day.

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