Mzansi react to President Cyril kissing grannies (Video)


Cyril Ramaphosa was warmly welcomed by a group of ages mothers as seen in a video that has now gone viral.

During a political event, the President who was actively present robbed minds with these gogos, which transcended into kisses.

As seen in the video, the women accepted Cyril as they exuded a high level of eagerness to get kissed by him, which he obliged to.

The video has gone viral and garnered lots of reactions from young Twitter users who are South Africans.

These Twitter users didn’t seem pleased with the video, as many are frank about the forthcoming election due to the recent hideous encounters with Ramaphosa’s regime; most especially with load shedding.

Some other tweeps laughed off the activities in the video.

Watch the video and check out reactions below:

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