Nota to AKA – “Pay your daughter’s school fees and stop wasting money”


Nota Baloyi drags AKA after the rapper lost R10 000 to Manchester City who beat Manchester United 6 -3.

Fans empathised with Kiernan Forbes who bragged about gaining an extra R50k when Man U wins, but he got disappointed at the end of the football match on Sunday, as he lost money to betting.

Nota who is famously known to be an outspoken critic said the money is a chicken feed for AKA, but he urged the rapper to pay his daughter, Kairo Forbes school fees and stop wasting money.

Some social media users also warned AKA against becoming a betting addict, as this isn’t the first time he’s betting on a match.

“Anyway 10K doesn’t even cover Kiernan’s hospitality rider that’s chump change… Wena pay your daughter’s school fees & don’t play with money,” Nota wrote.

However, AKA snubbed the tweet, as he is focused on loving his family and promoting his song.

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