Nasty C reveals how his mother’s death affected him


Nasty C opened up on his mother’s death during an interview with an American presenter named Saige Jones.

He was asked questions about his personal life, which he confidently answered to.

Speaking about his mother, he said she died 11 months after he was birthed.

Nasty C said she was gunned down in SA during a riot between Taxi drivers.

The South African star said the death of his mom hit him when he was 17/18 years old, as he felt left out back then knowing that other people had full knowledge about their mothers.

The String & Blings hitmaker also revealed that he didn’t have a mother figure in his life, as his dad had different wives as he grew up.

In conclusion, Nasty C said all these experiences made him thick on the inside, humble and respectful to other people.

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