“We need a change in this country” – Lady Du calls out SA ambulance services




Lady Du has taken to her social media to express her disappointment with the Ambulance services in South Africa.

The star shared a video of herself recording a conversation between her and one of the men working there.

Lady Du said she called the ambulance services after she saw a child been hit by a car and has been laying on the floor for 30 minutes.

She said she was disgusted by their actions after she reached out to about five of them but they had different reasons to hang up and not attend to her.

Du called on the government to do something about it.

She wrote: “I have never in my life been soooo disgusted by our Ambulance services, a child was hit by a car, has been laying on the floor for 30 mins, I gave them the address and my phone number, one of the people on the scene that know me asked me to call emergency services, I did, on my 5th attempt one hung up on me because I’m not the child’s mother, the second one hang up on me because I was looking for the cell number, the other 2 left me on hold on my last attempt kindly listen to how rude these people are, so relaxed!!!!!! We need a change in this country this is bullshit!!!! This guy literally asked if I’m the child’s relative and that I should tell him the child’s information!!!! Mind you I’m not there I don’t know the child, 💔💔💔💔 yho masimba nje lento”

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