8 foods that never expire



It is common knowledge that many foods cannot be kept for too long because they have a storage span.

However, there are certain foods which may last forever without the need to can them or freeze or dehydrate.

Keep on reading to know the staple foods that don’t expire according to Lybate.

1. Honey

Due to the perfect chemistry and handiwork of bees, honey is one food you can trust to last forever. The nectar extracted from the flower gets mixed with the enzymes present in the bees’ bodies which alter the composition of the nectar. The nectar is further broken down into simple sugars and is accumulated in the honeycombs. The processing, as well as sealing of the honey, is primarily responsible for the incredible shelf life.

2. Clarified butter

This kind of butter can last for about 100 years if it is stored in a sealed container under cool temperature. This kind of butter is boiled unless the total moisture is extracted, which is the reason that it doesn’t go bad.

3. Salt

Morton Salt points out that adding iodine to table salt reduces the shelf life, so if your container says iodized salt, expect it to only last about 5 years.

4. Sugar

The storage process of sugar determines its life span; granulated and powdered sugar must be kept under an airtight condition to steer clear of moisture. Sugar remains edible even if it has hardened and become brown.

5. White rice

According to multiple researchers, polished or white rice are able to keep up their nutrient content and flavour for almost 30 years if it can be stored in oxygen-free containers in temperatures that range below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The same cannot be said for brown rice as it does not last more than six months owing to the availability of natural oils in the bran layer.

6. Dried beans

As with the rice studies, researchers at Brigham Young University found that after 30 years, the overall quality of pinto beans decreased, but “all samples were considered acceptable for use in an emergency situation by at least 80 percent of consumer panelists. Also, protein digestibility was found to remain stable over time.”

7. Pure maple syrup

Unopened maple syrup shall last forever, and in case there is the formation of mould, boiling it to a certain degree and skimming the surface and ultimately pouring it to a clean and air-tight container would eliminate all the problems.

8. Dried milk

The taste isn’t quite as good, but one of the main reasons that powdered milk exists is because it lasts longer. It is also easier to transport and store than fresh milk.

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