Lady Du gets disgusted by SA Ambulance service (Video)


Lady Du laments bitterly about the South African ambulance service that failed to help a dying child.

The musician took to Instagram on Thursday night and shared a video of a call conversation with one of the officials.

She expressed her disappointment in the department, as they hung up on her and some even questioned her relationship with the dying child.

I have never in my life been soooo disgusted by our Ambulance services, a child was hit by a car, has been laying on the floor for 30 mins, I gave them the address and my phone number,” She kicked off her note.

“One of the people on the scene that know me asked me to call emergency services, I did, on my 5th attempt one hung up on me because I’m not the child’s mother, the second one hang up on me because I was looking for the cell number, the other 2 left me on hold on my last attempt kindly listen to how rude these people are, so relaxed!!!!!!”

Lady Du desires a change in the country as she’s heartbroken by the incident.

“We need change in this country this is bullshit!!!! This guy literally asked if I’m the child’s relative and that I should tell him the child’s information!!!! Mind you I’m not there I don’t know the child,” she added.


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