J’Something and wife celebrates 7th wedding anniversary


J’Something celebrates his 7th wedding anniversary.

Taking to social media, the musician made it known that he and his wife tied the knot traditionally 7 years ago.

He spoke about their commitment and how scary it was, but now they are enjoying life and love together.

J promises to be with his wife till death tears them apart.

“7 years ago we made a public declaration that we would commit to discovering this life together until we die, that we would thug it out through the hard times and we would dance in the moments of bliss, that we would kiss and cry together and that we would always talk,” he wrote.

Was a scary commitment I won’t lie … But what is love without vulnerability… what is love without risk … what is love without the unknown … I love you pretty little thing. Till death do us apart @cocodafonseca”


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