Uncle Waffles reminisces on how her 30 mins set made her famous


Uncle Waffles marks the first year anniversary of her breakthrough in the South African music industry.

On the 16th of October 2021, the DJ shared on social media, a video clip from her 30 minutes set and it changed her life completely, as the video went viral and it garnered her a huge following from South Africans and even the international star, Drake.

Taking to Twitter, Waffles expressed gratitude to God, as she now performs globally.

“This 30 minute set I wasn’t suppose to get completely changed my life, I’m forever greatful thank you God!”

Speaking to Complex UK about the event that turned her life around, Uncle Waffles said:

“My management had recorded the entire set and I posted one of the clips randomly, not thinking anything of it on the following Saturday afternoon—thinking it might do 50,000 views at most if that. I checked my phone a couple of hours later and saw it was in the hundreds of thousands, but this was all online and I was still going about my daily business so it didn’t really sink in.”

“It was when I woke up the next day to see that Drake had followed me, that I thought he had done it by accident so I just didn’t tell anybody for a couple of hours in case he unfollowed [laughs]. Everything felt surreal until I started to see tangible things, like bookings and enquiries”


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