5 simple tricks to help you stick to your food table



Have you noticed how easy it is to plan and prepare a food table than it is to actually follow through? For most people, starting the new routine might not be a problem, but sustenance is.

The truth is that there are so many reasons why you may be finding it challenging to stick to your new diet or food table even though you promised yourself in the beginning of the year that you were going to do better this time around compared to previous times.

To stick to your new diet plan, however, you might want to consider trying these few tricks.

When it comes to planning meals, most people set goals that aren’t sustainable. Whether your plan is to lose weight, gain weight, maintain a healthy weight and remain fit, don’t be in a hurry to achieve it.

Otherwise, you’ll end up messing up your meal plan. So, make sure to create a goal that is achievable. That way, you’ll be able to come up with a long-term plan that you can easily follow through.

Regardless of what your goal is, don’t take out all the foods you love just because you think that’s the only way you can achieve your goal. It’ll only make you crave the meal uncontrollably.

If this happens, it’ll only be a matter of time before you give in to those cravings. Instead, find a way to create a balance between the foods you love and those you don’t.

Give yourself certain days to look forward to in your food table. So, plan ahead for cheat days such as birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. You could even create a weekend ritual to make it more exciting.

When you starve yourself, you deprive your body of energy. When that happens, you’ll be forced to grab the first thing that comes in sight afterwards, and eat it uncontrollably. To avoid this, make sure your meal plan doesn’t encourage starving.

Most times, when you have someone to support and monitor you, it becomes easy to stick to your routine because you don’t want to disappoint both yourself and the other person.