Cyril Ramaphosa reacts to terror alert issued by the US Embassy


Cyril Ramaphosa on terror attack alert in Johannesburg, SA

Cyril Ramaphosa has reacted to the terror alert issued by the US Embassy on Wednesday, 26th of October.

The US government warned South Africans to avoid large gatherings in the Sandton areas of Johannesburg.

It was said in the statement that the terrorists will attack on the 29th of October.

The President of South Africa didn’t accept or refute the warning from the US government but claimed that if there’s a threat, the SA government will be the first to alert its people.

“It is the responsibility of the South African security forces to ensure that all people within our country feel safe. Law enforcement agencies continue to monitor for any threats to our citizens, our nation and our sovereignty.”

“Threats are assessed continuously and are acted upon to ensure the safety of all. Should the need arise, the South African government will be the first to inform the public about any imminent threat. Issued by The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa.”

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