6 reasons why a condom may break



A condom breaking in the middle of sex is the scariest experience for anyone who is not ready to have kids, besides the risk of contracting any disease.

There are 6 reasons why a condom breaks and puts you in a panic mode. Scroll down to know.

1. Expired

This is the first thought that comes to mind when a condom breaks. If a condom is past its expiry date, do not be surprised. Condoms are good even after 2-3 years of the date of manufacturing but they do expire. If the condom has expired, the material degrades and the strength is lost so tearing is not uncommon. If your condom is dry, stiff or even sticky, throw it.

2. Opening without care

Opening a condom incorrectly can make a tear in the condom. Avoid using teeth or scissors to open a pack. Push it away inside the packing and tear where there is more space. Follow the instructions.

3. Storage issues

Not many realise that storage too can break a condom easily. If there is too much heat, or extreme cold, the latex weakens. Condoms should not be stored in hot places like a wallet or a glove compartment or some place that gets direct heat. Keep your condoms in a dry and cool place where they do not get smashed, bend or even rubbed. Your medicine cabinet or nightstand would be perfect.

4. Too much friction

Yes! This too can be a reason for a condom to tear. If there is a lot of friction it can not only cause the condom to break but it also brings discomfort to the partners. This is why lubrication is important. Invest in a good lube.

5. The wrong lube

If you use the wrong lubricant, like latex condoms, oil based lubricants, the material weakens and it can cause a tear. Don’t use coconut oil or massage oil or any other random oil. Invest in water based lubricants because oils degrade the material. You can also use silicone, water-based, or hybrid lubes.

6. The wrong fit

Yes size matters especially when the condom does not fit you. If you are big and you wear a small to medium fit condom, slippage will be there and it can tear as well. It should neither be too tight or too short.

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