Actor Mothusi speaks about his new acting gig


Actor Mothusi Magano expresses excitement over the newly bagged acting role in a Netflix film titled, Wild is the Wind.

According to Daily Sun, the movie is about the murder of a girl in a small town and two corrupt cops. And Mothusi plays the role of Vusi, a former boxer and policeman.

“Vusi had great potential as a boxer but things happened and his life got derailed. He has a chip on his shoulder because he had great ambitions,” Mothusi said about his role.

“He has a lot of guilt because he’s a corrupt cop. He did his job badly and someone lost their life. I loved this role and it made me want to go the extra mile. Vusi is very complex.”

Mothusi claimed to have learnt a lot while working on the production of the film.

“From director Fabian Medeas, I learnt humility and grace. He’s a great man and I enjoyed working with him,” he said.

He urged fans to anticipate more acting roles from him.