“Your relationship with Makhadzi is like an Amapiano beat,” Master KG reacts to troll


Master KG slammed a troll who spoke negatively about his relationship with Makhadzi.

The music producer resumed his Facebook account after a few week break, and the first content he posted was a video of himself with his girlfriend in a car having a good time.

While many gushed over the video, someone with the Facebook name, Kalonga wrote, “Hi Master KG SA Music waneta moss?? Because Your relationship with Makhadzi is like an amapiano beat it sounds like it’s ending when it’s starting.”

KG urged the troll to get a job.

Kalonga bro you always in the comments…don’t you have work or something?”

” I don’t have bro employ me. Just one song and I will stop the commentary journalism,” the troll responded.

Watch the video here.

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