How to support your ageing parents



Seeing your parents age over the years is quite tough.

The reality that they won’t be here forever hits and that realization helps us to always appreciate the time we have with our loved ones.

Once the folks officially become elderly, they need to get some extra support.

Some have already retired from their working years and maybe even starting to have some health complications. With all that going on, this is where you come in.

There are different ways you can show your love and support for your now much older parents and on this list, there are five suggestions that might work.

1. Call them often

It’s very depressing when no one reaches out to you for weeks or months. We often take for granted having people to call and check up on us, and this is sadly what many elderly parents miss.

Many ageing parents are living upcountry, or in places that we might not be able to visit as often, so you should reach out to them as much as you can. Hearing someone ask them how they’re doing can really lift their spirits.

2. Make an effort to visit them

It’s also really nice when you know that people want to pass by your home and see you. As humans we need that social interaction and this is exactly what your aging parents would want.

They want to know that their children are interested in seeing them and they would definitely want to spend time with you in person so, this is also something you should prioritize while you can.

Visiting can also allow you to really see how they’re doing instead of relying on calls or messages, which are still also important, but they don’t give you the full picture.

3. Support them financially

Once you reach a certain age, you won’t have the strength to work how you used to. Some elderly folks are lucky to have sustainable businesses but many don’t, and they need some financial support.

If you can, consider giving a certain amount for shopping every month. If this is a lot on you right now you can still decide to surprise them once in a while so that at least they will not feel abandoned.

4. Hire someone to help around the house

The elderly also need to have someone around who can help them with daily chores. Some might insist that they can still handle everything but, it will wear them out eventually.

Some of them might also need to be observed once their health starts deteriorating. They need someone who can watch them and help them out, and maybe you can organize that for them.

5, Encourage them to reach out

Elderly people often hate being treated like children. Some can be stubborn and you might not easily know what they need until you force it out of them.

The best thing you can do is encourage them to reach out if they’re sick or when they need some support. This is how you can help them feel comfortable being vulnerable in case they need help.

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