Lady Du opens the industry for upcoming producers


Lady Du works with upcoming music producers on her debut album

Lady Du opens the industry for upcoming music producers as she worked with some of them on her forthcoming debut album.

The vocalist is elated about the project as she claims it’s a personal project.

“For people that understand music. Story telling. Every song has a meaning. I wrote all my songs to touch, inspire, motivate, share love.”

”It’s personal. I took time with it. I respect your ears. Thank you for your patience ITS TIME!!!”

Speaking about the album, Lady Du said it was produced by upcoming talents and she will give them equal royalties.

“My album is produced by kids!! I have no famous producers, I’m teaching kids the business!!!! They all get equal royalties as me!!! Own your things I beg you!!! What someone else can do for you, you can do for yourself with the right connections. STUDY THE GAME, FORGET THE FAME,” she wrote.

She further encouraged musicians to own their music and be intentional about every record they make, so don’t lose the proceeds to another person.

Own your music!!!! Don’t sign contracts that don’t favour you, make sure it’s in your favour since you’re the business. Get a clause that states you can leave when you’re unhappy read a contract 5 times with 3 different opinions = before signing,” she wrote.

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