Nota – “Black Coffee will apologise to me or suffer”




Nota is still dragging Black Coffee and this time around, he is asking for an apology.

The critic has been trolling the DJ for over a year and he’s back with more to say.

Nota reacted to a video shared by a tweep as it saw Black Coffe performing on stage.


Recall, he had claimed to be more successful than the Grammy-award winner.

He also mocked him for having a baby mama and a functional hand.

“He’s got a grammy but I’ve got more SAMAs than Black Coffee, more hits, more classics & I’m only 32years old with no baby momma drama… Say whatever you want at least I can change hands if I need to wank. You can’t send cops to disarm me, I’ll single handedly make you pay for it!”

Well, Nota claimed that the DJ bored people so much that he had to ask AKA to take over the performance.

He went on to drag him for having less hits; “My point exactly… Black Coffee was boring people so much the had to cut his set short & ask AKA to takeover. The man has less hits than you can count on his strong hand, don’t ask him to count on his weak hand because he refuses to to do that. It’s bad for disability business!”

He went on renting stating that Black Coffee will apologize to him or suffer

He tweeted: “Black Coffee will apologise to me or suffer”


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