4 tips to spot a fake online dating profile



Dating apps and services have become the go-to way of finding someone these days.

But, just like other online and internet-based apps and services, these apps have also become a common target for scammers.

To keep you safe, Tinder has shared a few key points using which you can identify a fake profile or scammer on the app.

Here are some tips that can help you find whether your potential match is a scammer or not.

1. Avoid people who would quickly want you to move to other mode of communication

Stay away from people on dating apps, who want you to move to some other mode of communication by leaving the app. Scammers usually do this to get more of your personal information such as phone number, etc.

2. Avoid people who are too good to be true

Tinder advises users to maintain a distance from people, who appear over caring, considerate and attentive about every feeling or if they propose for marriage too quickly. Basically, scammers look to establish a relationship quickly.

3. Someone who doesn’t want to meet in person

After a certain time, it is obvious that you would want to meet the person you are talking to. Scammers will usually be quick to make plans and then cancel them at the last minute due to ‘xyz’ reasons and often make it an excuse to ask for financial support.

4. If they ask too much personal information at an early stage

Do note that you should never share personal information with the person at an early stage. Even after a while, it is not advisable to share a passport, driver’s license, etc with them. Sharing them can lead to several scams on your behalf.

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