5 psychological reasons why your relationships don’t last



We often wonder what went wrong in our past relationship that we broke apart even when all was going well.

We do not realise that the small things we look past or let go or did not even consider, were some of the major reasons that gradually led to a break up.

For better understanding, here are 5 psychological reasons why your relationships don’t last.

1. You don’t ask what you want

Many couples just think of things they wish they could have done but they never communicate it with their partners. They feel embarrassed or scared of their partner’s reaction which makes them keep it to themselves. When you just sit around and think that things will change and then one fine day all the frustration comes out, how can a relationship last?

2. Cannot say NO

We cannot stress enough on how important saying NO is. It is not just for physical safety but also for your mental health. By saying yes to please people all the time and not doing what you like because you could not say no, it can land you into a pit that seems to be getting deeper and depressing. Saying no to your partner for unnecessary food binge, sex you don’t want, saying no when your partner wants to overwork is crucial. If you are unable to say this in a relationship, you have a very hollow bond which is steeping close to its end.

3. Not drawing and enforcing boundaries

The need to set healthy boundaries is very important. Not just setting boundaries, it is crucial that you enforce them too otherwise there is no point. If you set them and not follow them yourself, you are letting your partner think that your wishes are not serious and that you can be taken for granted.

4. Your world revolves around your partner

This scenario is nothing but insecurity and self doubt. When you feel great only when your partner is around and his or her presence makes you feel lost and scared, you are in a very unhealthy set up and you are also giving the remote of your life to another person who can even destroy you. Not just that, you are also putting pressure on the other person and suffocating them too. In the end, your emotional wellbeing is your own responsibility and not your partner’s.

5. Questionable emotional maturity

The level of maturity in a person is a major element in keeping the relationship glued. No matter how successful someone is, if they are emotionally immature, their relationship will always be an unhappy one.

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