6 bitter relationship truths you’ve never thought of



Relationships are nothing but all about patience, perseverance, trust and understanding.

These factors come above love and are the main reason behind sustaining relationships.

But maintaining a relationship is a lot of work and many times, people have to swallow the hard truth in order to keep the relationship alive.

Here are some bitter relationship truths that you might have never known before.

1. Tough conversations are inevitable

You and your partner will have a lot of tough conversations that will bug the both of you. These tough conversations are important as they will decide the basis and future of the relationship. And these conversations have to be honest and raw.

2. There will be a lot of compromises

You can’t run away from compromises nor can you ignore them. To stay in a long lasting relationship, you have to compromise in one way or the other or else, you and your partner will constantly be engaged in a power struggle.

3. Forgiveness is the secret to this will a long lasting relationship

Practising forgiveness is the secret to retaining a successful relationship. You or your partner will make mistakes that might break your relationship forever but with forgiveness and understanding, the relationship can be saved. But forgiveness can be bitter most of the time.

4. Needing a little space from each other is alright

If you feel that you don’t want to see your partner all the time, then that is completely normal and okay. Every couple needs a breather and private space once in a while or else, it can either get too monotonous or frustrating in the relationship.

5. You both will change

Your partner won’t stay the same way forever, nor will you. Change in inevitable and preferences, likes, opinions are bound to change with time. You have to accept your partner’s changes with time and vice versa.

6. Passion won’t last forever

Even if passion is really important in a relationship, it isn’t going to last forever. Passion may ignite the fire between a couple but it won’t be the reason why a couple will stick together. Other aspects like understanding, honesty, respect etc. are the ones that hold a relationship together.