Flvme reveals what inspired the making of The Candyman album – Watch





Flvme has recently opened up on what inspired the making of the Candyman album and Oompa Loompa single.

The star made his explanation during an interview with PopCast Radio Podcast.

The rapper was asked to explain the inspiration behind the album and its lead single Oompa Loompa.

Flvme gave a shoutout to Mellow stating he was the one that came up with the idea.

“Shoutout to Mellow, Mellow came up with the idea because he’s the one who even told me to make this whole album. I was just trying to make a project I didn’t know if it was an EP, Mixtape, I just making a project and I played Mellow like the rough ideas that I had, and he was like yo just make this an album trust me it’s gonna be the one, and I was like okay what are we gonna call this and he was like Candyman is the perfect title for it and we already had the song Candyman I was like okay we will run with that” 

Watch video below:

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