Minnie Dlamini’s movie ‘The Honeymoon’ to debut in 2023




Minnie Dlamini has finally let the cat out of the bag as she reveals that her movie will be coming to the screen soon.

The star revealed that she will debut on the big screen in her new movie The Honeymoon alongside comedian Tumi Morake and actress Kajal Bagwadeen.

The movie centers around three friends Tumi Morake as Noks, Kajal Bagwadeen as Kat, and Minnie Dlamini as Lu.

The movie is directed by Bianca Isaac and it tells a story about three friends, Noks, Kat, and Lu who finds themselves in a predicament where one on them gets dumped ahead of her wedding, and the trio decides to turn things around and head to a getaway in Zanzibar, which would have been the suppose-to-wed couple’s honeymoon destination.

“The OFFICIAL POSTER for @honeymoonmovie is out!!! 🎬🎬🎬Catch Noks, Kat, and Lu in cinemas on 31 March 2023!!!”

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