Jub Jub denies accusations by his business partner, Keabetswe Mokoena




Jub Jub has taken to his social media to deny allegations leveled against him by his business partner Keabetswe Mokoena.

He was accused of hurdling derogatory insults at Keabetswe.

The pair were working together on the lineup for the Moses Kotane Arts Festival, which is taking place this weekend at Moruleng Stadium in the North West when things turned ugly on a WhatsApp group.

Reacting to the allegations, Jub Jub released an official statement.

“It has been brought to my attention that there are certain allegations leveled against me by an individual I believed to be my business partner with regards to the Moses Kotane Arts festival,” said the controversial musician in a statement.

“I’m not prepared to say much, except that the allegations are not true. When I started the project my vision was to uplift the arts and mend broken dreams in the community of Moses Kotane, where a lot of young people have lost hope. I thought that collaborating with certain individuals would make the vision tangible, but it certainly didn’t,” said JubJub.

He went on to say that he initially wanted to be excluded from preparations leading up to the event because of issues of corruption, misuse of funds, and exploitation of artists that were brought to his notice.

Jub Jub has accused Mokoena of using his name to extort money from key individuals and bringing his brand into disrepute.

“I believe in doing business with honesty and integrity and hence I removed myself from all preparations
As for my fans and fellow associates, I hold you with high regard and sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused as you all fall collateral to this internal fallout.”

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