Reason excited to top SA Tik Tok chart


Reason whose alter ego is Sizwe Alakine expresses excitement as his Amapiano song Bafo tops South African Tik Tok chart.

The rapper who jumped on the Amapiano train took to Instagram to express gratitude.

He further bragged about being the king of Rapiano – A subgenre he proclaimed.

Check below for his note of gratitude:

“Number f*cken 1 on @tiktok_southafrica in 2022. I can’t fucken believe it! But I can. Cause I told ya’ll that I’m the KING OF RAPIANO. Now you have to feel it,” he wrote.

Sizwe appreciated people who have been supportive of his music career and those who contributed to the success of the aforementioned single.

1. @maidi.rsa … thank you for starting this challenge. I’ll never know what possessed you to create a sign language for my raps. But I’ll forever be greatful you did. You put Alakine up on the world map. And the top of the tik tok top tracks of 2022. God bless you.

2. @jr_pearslyy and @smatimokwena … im really sad the world will never get to hear your illegal remix that made it to the top of the charts.

Had those vocals still been available I would have made sure everyone gets to groove to your version till today.

With that said. Thank you for being experimental and creative. We need to do more work together (the right way this time) so the world can know how brilliant you guys are. God bless you boys. Keep going.

3. @mrjazziq Mfanaka. I know wherever you are you are laughing and screaming “Nna bafwethu… never le nketse nix”

Well done Boyzin. Punish them. Cause that’s what you do best.

4. @mellow_and_sleazy012 Thank you for introducing me to @djy_maten @realdjyzansa_ @djy_biza_t.p.m that night. We were just hitting the streets. Looking for a good time. And we turned a failed mission into a classic. Thank you guys.

5. Zan’Ten, Biza, @k_zaka_ and @m.j_za congratulations boys. You made history this year. I’m proud to have worked with you. I love you boys for showing me love when I was still tryina find my voice. I owe you big time.

6. Shout out to all the people that took part in the challenge. like. I have no words. But I’m just greatful you all had a great time playing out my verse.


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