“You are the love story of my life,” Minnie gushes over Liesl and Musa’s marriage


Minnie Dlamini is a huge fan of Liesl Laurie and Musa Mthombeni’s marriage.

The TV personality recently gushed over their love life, as the couple shared their photos on Instagram.

This isn’t the first time Minnie has exuded interest in their love story and it appears she desires to have a similar love story, despite the divorce between her and her erstwhile husband, Quinton Jones.

Minnie and Quinton’s marriage lasted a few years and it was blessed with a son.

Reacting to Liesl and Musa’s recent post, Minnie wrote, “You guys are the love story of my life.”

She further urged them to make money with their marriage by writing a book about their love life.

“Write a book! Package it! Sell it!!! Make potions shit I’m buying,” Dlamini added.


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