Prince Kaybee explains why he’s not releasing any music


Prince Kaybee explains why he won’t be putting out any song for a while.

A fan reached out to the musician to drop a song in other to fill certain voids in SA music scene.

“KB. Do you have new music bro? There’s a clear unignorable void in the music scene in SA and its your touch that’s missing. Please release soon or advise me on any new projects you’ve released. You’re a great artist, I enjoy your music,” the fan wrote.

In response, Prince Kaybee says he won’t drop any song as Amapiano and Tik Tok might crush it.

However, he will drop a song whenever he dims it fit.

“In my opinion there’s enough music out there. Amapiano is cruising nicely. Will release music once I see an opportunity to, for now its just gnna be wasted music because people are still in a trance of Tiktok sensation,” the DJ wrote.

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