5 disgusting food trends that we hope won’t repeat themselves in 2023



Every year brings us a new round of popular food trends. Some are so delicious that we cannot believe it took this long to begin enjoying them, but others are, well, not so great.

Some of the year’s biggest food trends were TikTok- and Instagram-famous dishes that were nothing more than aesthetically pleasing, health foods that missed the mark, and diets and snacks that just went a little bit too far.

All we can say is that we hope they don’t follow us into 2023.

1. Rainbow-coloured food

Rainbow food looks cool, but it does not taste like anything. The only purpose of rainbow food is that it is visually appealing.

2. Anything served on a countertop

If the ingredients for a dish are mixed by hand directly on the surface of a countertop, with the intention of everyone digging in family style, do yourself a favour and skip the recipe. Food served on a countertop looks unappetising and raises questions about hygiene.

3. Rolled ice cream

The concept of rolling ice cream seems like a lot of work with no real benefits when compared to having regular scoops of the stuff.

4. Eggs on top

Like a cherry on top, eggs have made it to the top of almost every fast food. From traditional ramen to sandwiches and platters, adding a fried egg or hard-boiled egg has turned out to be an easy and cost-effective fad for food creators. But is it not too much?

5. Deep-fried everything

Food is getting crazier day by day. South African food trends have taken big decisions about deep frying everything. We mean everything! From pizzas and ice creams to all sorts of desserts, frying is taken way more seriously now and we think it should stop.

On that note, I cannot wait to see which interesting over-the-top food trends foodies will come up with next, but for now, let the trends retire.