Somizi, Anele Mdoda, other SA celebs react to the swimming pool racism saga


South African celebrities have reacted to the racism incident that occurred at Maselspoort Resort in Free State.

The video of the fight that ensued at a swimming pool in the aforementioned resort has gone viral on social media and it is aching for tons of blacks that there is still a white-only swimming pool existing in the country.

The EFF political party visited the resort to make amends, while various personalities have called out the government for failing to evacuate racism in the country.

Celebrities like Anele Mdoda, Somizi Mhlongo and a few others express their disappointment on different social media platforms.

The racists who were involved in the saga have been called out by social media users.

“Still kinda hung up on that pool video. If white people succeed in situating fear in young black kids, its gnna be a repetition of the same thing with generations to come. Teach your kids to stand against Racist whites so that the future has strong Bkack men that don’t take shit,” Prince Kaybee wrote.

“This got my blood boiling. This fvcker right here still thinks South Africa 🇿🇦 is still his racist ancestors playground. Our government has failed big time for not taking drastic steps in dealing with such moerskonts. Racists fvckers shud be punished big time. And if ur racist and reading thing this go dive in the nearest crocodile infested river,” Somizi wrote.


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