Enhle Mbali mocks Black Coffee’s hand (Video)


Enhle Mbali mocks former husband, Black Coffee’s hand

Enhle Mbali mocks Black Coffee’s hand in a video.

The actress is gradually losing people who have stood by her during the trying period with her former husband.

Over the past one-week, different dirt about Enhle has surfaced and it’s awakened the cancel culture.

In the past couple of years, the mother of two revealed how she was abused in marriage with the international DJ, but she lost the case in court.

Black Coffee returned to social media a few days before crossing into the new year to reveal that Mbali lied about the abuse.

“My late father was abusive, to see her continue to ride that wave as a victim using me and using some of my tweets about it on that swimwear as an activist is quite dark and irresponsible. She knows people who abused her she must confront them and leave me alone,” he wrote.

The event climaxed to claims about Enhle Mbali’s affair with a married man while she was still with the DJ.

While social media users are trying to pick sides, and sniff out the truth, a video of the fashion designer playing with a prosthetic hand surfaced on Twitter.

Viewers expressed disappointment at Enhle as it is presumed that she is mocking Black Coffee who is known to have one functioning hand.

A tweep claimed it is an old video, but it further goes to tell who she really is.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

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